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So, here we are on January 2nd! Casey and the kids all were still off today.  I, on the other hand, had to head back to work.  All in all, it was an ok day.  Not too busy at work, got caught up on all the paperwork that I had to get caught up on. The low of the day was going to the funeral visitation of a co-worker.  This is a really hard thing too.  He was a great guy.  Very level headed guy who knew how to calm me down when I would get frustrated at work.  He only worked with me one or two times a week at most usually.  But I always enjoyed working with him.  He died on my 10th anniversary last week.  They say it was a heart attack.  His daughter is Carter's teacher, and she taught Mikaela too.  He has been a fixture in this community for quite a while, and it just sucks!  I almost felt like Mike was kind of like a grandfather to me.  I know tomorrow will be really hard at his memorial, (he was cremated).

So, needless to say, I didnt make it to the rec tonite to work out.  Right before the visitation I felt a migraine moving in, so I wouldnt have made it anyhow.  Plus, I need to find my misplaced Ipod!  Cant do my C25K without music and my program! LOL

Maybe tomorrow!

I am hoping tomorrow goes ok getting the rugrats up since they have been getting to sleep in.  I tried waking them up this morning before I headed in to work. No surprise that they didnt want to get up.

I guess I really dont have anything fun and exciting to talk about today.  Hope we all have a great rest of the week! (:

Happy New Year!

.It is January 1, 2012! Wish I had some super cool words to share.  We did have fun at the get together we went to last nite.  I think I had more fun than Casey did of course...cuz I had more alcohol than he did.  It was a complete family activity.  The kids got to go too! It was cool! Lots of fireworks at midnite...lots of food...and a ton of friends just hanging out together.

I have to admit, I always get a little sad about going into a new year.  Not that 2011 was anything special this year.  Actually in a way, I am kinda looking forward to 2012.  I really hope this is the best year yet.  Sometimes it is a struggle...with everything it seems.  I tend to feel like I am the one who has all the stress on me.  I'm sure Casey feels the same way...but hell if I know it. Communication...that is what we need!  Guess I should include that in my goals for this year too. 

I almost wish the rec was open today so I could go start my running back up.  Think I will try the Couch to 5K program again.  It seems to be a good program!!

One year!

Been almost a full year since I have been here.   I have thought of posting something.  But every single time I have thought of posting, it has only been negative stuff.  I have decided that I am going to try to start blogging again.  It seemed to help me before. So I am hoping that I will be able to do it again.  I guess the main reason I wasnt able to blog had to do with the fact that I didnt really have my own computer to just blog whenever I want to. But thankfully I have another net book! I started selling Scentsy a few months ago, and that made it possible for me to purchase another netbook! Thank goodness!!

So being that it is New Year's Eve, I guess I should make myself accountable by putting out there what I would like to accomplish in the year 2012! I dont really want to call them resolutions, cuz they never seem to happen. 

1. Get back into running! Last year I felt so much better when I attempted to exercise. And I did so good up until we went to Arizona for spring break.  Over in Europe they dont prescribe anti-depressants as much, but they do prescribe exercise.  I believe that it works too!  So I am going to attempt to get back into running!

2. Try to work on my finances! I think that tends to be some of my marriage issues.  Not all of it, but I think that will help.  I think that will make me feel better too! I am due for an upgrade on my cell phone in May.  I really would like to get the new Samsung Mesmerize 2 when it comes out...and I'm eligible.  So I am going to use this as my motivation! 

3. Try not to be so down, have a more positive outlook about everything.  I think this will make me better all the way around.  I am going to try not to be so snappy with my family. I am hoping if #1 and #2 work, then that will help with this too!

4. Stop biting my damn nails! I love how they look when they are long, but it is just a bad habit that I have a hard time not doing.  Once again, I think #1 and #2 can help with this also! Sooooo...I guess I really need to work on them huh! LOL

5. Work on keeping my house clean! Maybe if I can work on the finances, then I will be able to buy things to decorate the house up to what I see in my mind!

Whew! I think I feel a little better just putting that out there. Maybe I will be able come blog more too, as a release of sorts.  Last year when I was running, I always felt better when I held myself accountable by putting what distance I went and the time, etc. 

A new year! 2011

Wow!! Another year has gone by!! I cant believe it!!  I am hoping for 2011 to be a good year. But then again, I always hope it will be a good new year.  I tend to get a little sad each New Years eve...especially thinking back on all that has happened in the past year, good and bad. 

Im trying to make this be a good year.  I am going to try to make use of this rec center we have here!  So, i have been going up and using the treadmill some.  And the bike, and the elliptical a small bit!  Someone on facebook mentioned a program call couch to 5k. So, I have been using it.  So far I have finished the first week.  There were a few times last summer/fall that I wished I was a runner.  So here I am.

I am amazed at how fast the years seem to be flying by.  I cant believe I have an 8th grader!!  Oh, and she is a teenager to boot!!  Sad thing is that I dont feel much older than the kids that are seniors this year!! :( 

Mikaela has had a productive school year so far.  Her grades have been extremely good!  Only took her until 8th grade to realize they ARE important!! :)  Volleyball season was pretty good.  The poor girl got sick on the first day of school, and missed it and the second day.  I have a feeling that is the reason why she only made JV for volleyball.  She is definately a Varsity player!!  I cant remember what the final record was...but they went undefeated!!  Basketball was a really great season for her!! They finished 11-2.  Their first loss came in their second to last game against Chanute.  Kinda sad to even count that game, since Chanute isnt even in their same league!!  Their second loss came to Wellsville, at Wellsville!  I can honestly say that I have never seen such a poorly officiated game in my life, as that game was!!  Very blatant fouls, and no calls!!  Mikaela is now getting ready to train for track now!!

Carter has been excelling in school too!  His teacher is very impressed with him! His test scores for the beginning of the year were well above where he had to be!  His teacher said she cant wait to show us the newest set of scores!!  This year Carter played flag football instead of soccer!  His team went undefeated, and won the championship game too!!  I am so proud of him!!  Basketball season has just started for him.  They won their first game 26-6!!  He had 2 points, at least 3 assists, and numerous rebounds!!

Keaton is my clown!!  He seems to think that school is more for the social aspect, not the learning one.  He is a very happy kid, but is struggling with his reading, which in turn makes him struggle with his writing.  Which really surprises me, because he is such a creative little guy!!  For Christmas, he got 3 zsu zsu pets!! And he named them all!!  The black one is killer, the brown one is death, and the white one is jesus! =o)  He played soccer this year.  I really cant remember what his teams final record was, but he seemed to enjoy playing!! He seemed to like playing goalie the best!!

Mackenzie is as cute as ever!! I cant believe she is going to be 3 this year!!  Got a funny to share!  She informed us that for Christmas or her party...whichever....she wanted a ta-tod (ipod) and a phone!!  When I told her that she wasnt going to get any of those, and what else would she like...she thought for a minute, went, "ummmmm.......headphones!"  She cracks me up!!

I hate sad days!

I am sitting here laying in my bed listening to Mikaela sniffle her tears.  Today has not been a good day! I dont understand why things have to happen they way they do.  One of Mikaela's classmates lost her life today.  Madison and Deana were out riding on a four wheeler at Madison's house.  I guess there was some unlevel ground, and the four wheeler flipped forward, landing on Madison, and flinging Deana off.  I can only imagine that Madison's instinct was to keep hold of the handlebar.  Deana broke a bone in her upper left arm, and chipped her shoulder.  

Casey went to Royals game with a buddy that he rides to work with for opening day.  They
were watching batting practice and Scott got a call that his wife had been in a car accident and that she died. 

My heart hurts so bad today.  More so today than other days.  I think it is because I know the hurt that Madison's parents are feeling.  And I think of Scott and his two young children.  It is just hard to believe that in our small community that we have lost two young people...especially a child.  It makes me really think.  That so could have been Kaela.  Or it could have been Casey.  Casey and I have our differences, but I dont know what I would do if he was killed in a car accident. 

Oh yea! Forgot to mention!! My Jayhawks took the overall #1 seed in the NCAA tourney! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!! KU!! Love me some Jayhawk basketball!! =o)

We are having fun!! Minus the normal bickering and arguing we, being Casey and I do!! Left Friday morning and stayed in Des Moines overnite! Got up and headed to Bloomington Saturday morning!

We went to the Mall of America Saturday night! Wow is that puppy big! So big that we got turned around and had a hell of a time finding our way back to the entrance we came into for parking! But we made it back safe and sound to the hotel! We got back to the hotel, which has a kitchen in it, and made dinner!! We brought the George Foreman grill with us. Well, I went to make cheeseburgers on it. Guess what happened!! I set off the freaking smoke alarm in the room!! LOL. We had the lady at the front desk come tell us to open the windows, but not our room door!! How embarrassing!!

Yesterday was a good day to do Nickelodeon Universe! I think we all really enjoyed it!! I even got to ride some of the big girl rides with Mikaela and Sheigh!! Along with some of the little kid rides with Z and Keaton! I rode the pepsi orange streak with Carter and Keaton quite a few times too!! It was the perfect first time roller coaster for the boys! Not real big steeps drops or loop de loops!! Keaton thought I was "crazy" because I put him on the Splat-O-meter!! It takes you up in the air, then drops you REAL fast! Really gets your stomach!! Poor guy! But it was soooo funny!! I'm such a bad mommy!! LOL. I took him on the Jimmy Neutron ride, and it got his tummy too! He liked it at first, then hated it, then was back to liking it at the end! I think the big thing that helped was that I told him to breath! That seemed to help a lot! I loved the Air Bender! Wow! That one was cool!! I think I am starting to get old thou! We rode the Fairly Odd Parents ride, and spun a lot more than is normal at the end, or so Kaela or Sheigh told me! Then we went and rode the Spongebob ride, Bikini Rock Bottom! Good thing that was end of the day!! That ride did me in! I ended up with a migraine!! So bad that I could hardly choke down a piece of Cali chicken bacon ranch pizza from Dominos!! Such a bummer!! But I took some tylenol and some Fioricet and woke up at 9:30 this morning good as new!!

Probably one of the coolest parts of Nick Universe was Z meeting Dora!! It was so cute!! She was so excited!! She kept hugging and kissing Dora!! I will have to post pics later!! Then Z, Carter and Keaton got to meet Spongebob and Patrick!! The look on their faces was priceless!! We even got video of Kaela and Sheigh meeting them!! Patrick kept bopping Kaela's ponytail!! Loved it!!

Today we are doing Water park of America! Suppose to be the largest indoor water park! Coco Keys in Kansas City is probably pretty close!! But they don't have the body boarding thing!! That is super cool!! As a matter of fact, the reason I am blogging is from boredom!! Z needed a nap bad! So here I am with her napping on my chest and using my Blackberry to blog!!! I am loving the email feature!! Think I might wake Kenzi up so we can go get Mommy some more pop!!
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